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What does the free Bed Bug Inspection entail? Well, the free inspection entails a thorough visual check-up of your entire home including ceiling, walls, floors, carpet, rugs, and furniture. In addition, the inspection also involves testing for blood, feces, and urine. You are entitled to one free Bed Bug Inspection per year. If you go ahead and purchase a bed bug test kit and use it the second time you will have the opportunity to re-test and get a third opinion.

If you are wondering if the inspection covers you in the event of an infestation, the answer is yes. The bedbug-free inspection is used mainly to identify live bed bugs during your inspection or to discover evidence of infestation. However, some companies do require an additional fee for this service, however, don’t expect to pay for it if you proceed. The fee is typically quite low, around $30, depending on the number of inspection reports you need to receive. The additional fee is designed to cover additional laboratory work necessary to confirm the infestation.

Once you have decided to use a professional pest management service for an inspection, you will be receiving several different services. The first will be the visual inspection. The pest controller will be able to identify and inspect all medium to large infestations. A visual inspection often identifies bed bugs that may not be visible from the ground.

Another service offered is the bed bug inspection of box springs. Typically, bed bugs enter a home through cracks in the box springs. Often, this is the result of a previous infestation to a home. When you conduct a bed bug inspection of the box springs in your home, it helps identify infestations and prevent new ones from occurring.

A third service offered is the bed bug inspection of mattresses. This is usually recommended for people who are purchasing a used mattress. While bedbugs do not live in human skin, they do have a feeding habit that can bring them into contact with the skin of humans. It is a bad idea to purchase a used mattress that is produced by a known manufacturer without conducting a bed bug inspection. Additionally, the infestation could be coming from a previous owner who had the mattresses infested.

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It is important to conduct a bed bug detection and inspection service on a regular basis. Even if you do not have an infestation at this time, you never know when you may find one. If you suspect an infestation, it is a good idea to have a pest control company to check the premises on a regular basis. The company can also provide a range of services to help reduce the chance of an infestation.

A pest control company can conduct a bed bug inspection by conducting visual inspections of the entire premise. These inspections can be done one room at a time or all of the rooms in the home. They will also check for hiding spaces such as crevices and cracks. While visual inspections cannot detect all the hidden pests, it can provide clues to where infestations may be. For instance, if a bed bug problem is visible, a visual inspection might uncover them.

These inspections are essential if you want to get rid of any bed bugs that you discover in your house. Pest control professionals can provide solutions to the pest control problem that you encounter. In addition, these professionals can recommend solutions to reduce the chance of an infestation. This can include bed bug treatments, such as the use of heat. However, the most important solution to an infestation is to get a professional bed bug inspection performed by an experienced pest control company.

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