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Bed bug exterminators are in high demand. Because bed bugs feed on human blood and can easily bite our skin and cause allergic reactions, they need to be quickly exterminated wherever they appear. Unless exterminated, they usually reside in bedding, furniture, carpets, and draperies. The bites of bed bugs are quite itchy and unpleasant, and frequently leave red marks on the affected area.

A Worldwide Problem

Bed Bug Exterminators are needed all around the world to tackle the problem of bed bug infestations. While bed bug infestations may be quite difficult to remove especially if a serious infestation is present, professional bed bug exterminators have no difficulty exterminating bed bug infestations. In most cases, if this is the situation, it makes more sense to hire an expert pest exterminator to help stop a re-infection and get rid of the entire nest.

Bedbugs are known to infest beds and furniture worldwide. Many people suffer allergic reactions when they come into contact with the bites of these bugs. When inspecting mattresses and other furniture used in homes, bed bug infestations are also likely to be found. This makes it necessary for all families to have a Bed Bug Exterminator in place when they have bed bug issues before moving onto other household items.

The Bed Bug Extermination Process

The general process of Bed Bug Extermination begins with an inspection followed by a treatment. During the inspection, an exterminator observes the structure, seams and other physical parts of a mattress or other furniture in the home. If there are obvious signs of infestations, the following treatment may be required. Bed Bug Exterminator employs chemicals known as Bt’s (Bed Bugs Toxin) to effectively kill any insects residing in the room.

When conducting an inspection of a property, an exterminator first inspects the foundation, floors, walls and attic to identify any cracks or openings that may allow live bugs to enter the home. If an entry is identified, special attention is paid to make sure that it is sealed completely to prevent the entry of any additional live bugs. Once the inspection is complete, the pest control company applies insecticide. While the chemicals used to exterminate the pests may appear relatively benign, they do not cause any health problems for the occupants of the dwelling. In fact, many individuals may not be aware of the danger of being exposed to pesticides and other chemicals while cleaning or repairing any type of household appliances, such as a washer or dryer.

Bed Bug Exterminator treatment should not be undertaken by homeowners without the recommendation of a licensed exterminator. If you need a licensed bed bug exterminator in the Phoenix area, give us a call today.

These bed bug extermination professionals are trained to locate and treat any insects, including bed bugs, within an infested home. When bed bug treatments are conducted by an exterminator, the rooms and spaces that were infected with bugs are sealed and kept completely clean. Special precautions are also taken when treating rooms that contain small children, pets and infants. While treatments may initially appear to be uncomfortable, they often provide substantial relief from itching and other symptoms associated with the presence of these pests.

Insecticides and Heat

The application of heat or steam and the use of insecticides, either synthetic or natural, is the most common method of bed bug treatment. While some homeowners may be wary of the negative side effects associated with insecticides, research into the long term use of insecticides has revealed that there are no health risks associated with the use of insecticides. Bed Bug Exterminator companies commonly offer treatments containing high-level insecticides that pose little to no risk to occupants.

Other pest treatments include bed bug sprays that kill adult insects as well as eggs. While these methods have proven to be effective in eliminating infestations, they have also been found to pose little to no health risk to users. While these sprays are effective at eliminating insects, they cannot distinguish between certain species of bugs and may pose a health risk if not used properly. For this reason, a combination of chemical-based treatments and organic methods has proven to be the most effective method of eradicating bed bug problems.

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