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Bed Bug Heat Treatment is the best way to get rid of Bed Bugs from your home and property. Bed Bug inspections begin and end with a thorough bed bug inspection performed by qualified technicians who are skilled in finding bed bugs and are familiar with their life cycle. Heat treatments to kill the adult bugs that have taken up residence in your mattresses and other furniture, as well as to destroy eggs that have hatched. Treatment will also help to prevent infestations of future bugs in your home and property.

Simple and Safe Alternative

Bed Bug Heat Treatment is a simple and safe alternative to exterminating an infestation. You can do it yourself if you wish to do a thorough cleaning of your belongings, but the cost and inconvenience that come with hiring someone to do this for you is too much for most people. For those who cannot afford the upfront costs, there are products available for purchase that will effectively get rid of bedbugs in your home for a few months at a time. These products are very effective and do not require a lot of work or skill to use.

Many Forms of Treatment

Heat treatments for bed bug heat treatment products come in many forms. Many people opt for a spray bed bug product that sprays a fine mist over the mattress and box spring area. This mist will kill any live bugs that may be nearby. It is important to note that a mattress cover is necessary when using a spraying insecticide on the mattress or box spring area. Spraying only on these areas will not eliminate the bedbugs completely.

Aerosol Pesticide Treatment

Other heat treatments include folders that releasing an aerosol containing a small amount of pesticides. These folders work by releasing a cloud of insecticide into the air killing any bed bugs that may be nearby. This option has proven to be more effective in killing bed bugs than the spray options. However, it is more difficult to use and requires more attention to detail.

Steam Treatments

Some people choose to use heat treatments through a steam treatment. This involves laying a sheet over the room being treated with a Bed Bug Heat Treatment. The sheet is then piled up in a sealed area for the duration of the treatment. An equal number of foggers are then sprayed onto the treated area. The treated areas must be kept dry at all times.

Heat Treatments

Bed Bug Heat Treatment can also be done with a bug heater. Bed Bug heat treatments are best left to professional exterminators. There are several companies that produce heaters that can effectively kill and treat bed-bugs. Call us today for a high quality professional heat treatment!

Professional exterminators utilize high powered heaters to treat small areas. These high powered heaters shoot out high temperature water jets that quickly kill all bugs in an area. While this treatment may be effective, it takes time and patience to kill all the pests. Using high temperatures for short periods of time can be very damaging to certain materials or infested areas.

Chemical Treatments

Many companies offer chemical treatments for bed bugs that kill the adults and eggs that lay eggs. These treatments require an application of sprays or foggers to the infested areas. These chemicals are non-toxic and safe for the environment. However, they cannot reach the bloodstream of the insects. Therefore, as with any chemical treatment, safety precautions must be taken and periodic monitoring must occur.

Residual Treatments for Reinfestation Prevention

For many people, the best treatment is a residual chemical treatment. Residual chemical treatments remain active once they are applied. They are then left on the infested area to work for the remainder of the life of the pest. Most residual treatments do not destroy the adults or eggs of the bed bugs. Bed bug treatments that use chemicals for the purpose of killing adults only destroy those that are alive when the treatment is applied.

If you choose to apply a residual treatment of chemicals to get rid of your bed bugs, make sure that the infestation is cleared from all surrounding areas. This includes vacuuming and/or washing floors, ceilings and other hard surfaces. If you have pets, be sure to dispose of them. These pests can live for up to a year without a feed.

Avoiding Reinfestation

In order to avoid reinfestation of the infested area, sealing the box spring is also highly recommended. Seal the box spring using a caulk based sealer. Vacuum and wash furniture, mattresses and other infested areas to prevent reinfestation. If you follow these steps, the high heat treatment should kill all adult bed bugs within two weeks.

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